No budget for photoshoots, but here we are, at least you got some illustration.

Mostly build from Open-source keyboard designs, but there are some OEM keyboards, will add more in the futures.



#1 Budget Thocc Setup

PCB: tom680 / tm680 / hk680 / orbiter

Switches: Gateron X Yellow (Stem Lubed 205g0, Spring 105g0)

Keycaps: KBDFans MA Blue Cat (MA Profile)

(build cost: 1.3 keyboard only, .3 stabs, .5 keycaps, .7 switches, effort for lubing)



#2 Ain’t thocc but works

PCB: Unix60

Switches: Gateron KS3 Yellow (Stem Lubed 205g0, Spring 105g0, Deskeys Film)

Keycaps: AKKO ASA Black on White JP (ASA Profile)

Extra: Burger Resin Artisan, Takodachi Artisan, Towa bibi artisan

(build cost: 1 pcb assembled and case, .5 switches full, .75 keycaps, .35 towa, .25 takos, effort for lubing)


Another Secondary:

#3 Who need thocc keyboard anyway.

PCB: Owlet60

Switches: Gateron Yellow (KS9 bottom, Milky Top, Lubed 205g0, Kelonwa Film)

Keycaps: AKKO ASA Midnight (ASA Profile)

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